Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh no!

Preface with this: Hope was disobedient last night and after continual reminders to wind down and go do sleep she was given a "baby" bed time of 7pm and no dessert tonight. GASP! I know right, awful aren't we?!
Ok so I'm getting the shower on and Hopie ready to hop in... I'm also taking this moment to dump the overflowing garbage can in the bathroom...gross I know..anyways....and I hear a AHHHHHHHH!!!! (girly scream)
So I go flyin in the bathroom as Hope comes flyin out of the shower BAWLING "I can't go in the shower (screamed very dramatically(
Me: Why not? What happened?
Hopie: There's a spider in there (in a half cry half scream)
Me: Oh man. (I'm peeking in the shower and see this spider, EWWWW)
Me: Daddy, help us. Help us now.
Daddy meanwhile is being a good hubby and doing dishes. So thinking a limb is falling off a child or something awful, shuts off the sink and comes down the hall saying :What's wrong,whats going on?
Me: You gotta kill the spider in the shower, eww gross.

I'm now walking to the BIG garbage can outside to dump the icky bathroom overflowing garbage and am followed by a much too curious 2 year old.
Mikey: Mama, mama, what happened? (said in a little boy voice, slightly airy)
Me: Oh, Daddy had to save Hopie and kill the spider in the shower.
Mikey: GASP! A spider? Ewww.
Me: I know.
Mikey: Daddy, what happened?
Jason: I had to kill one of God's creatures - mommy made me kill a spider!
Mikey: OH NO!

And we're still laughing.

Thank you Mikey for your never ending laughs!