Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh no!

Preface with this: Hope was disobedient last night and after continual reminders to wind down and go do sleep she was given a "baby" bed time of 7pm and no dessert tonight. GASP! I know right, awful aren't we?!
Ok so I'm getting the shower on and Hopie ready to hop in... I'm also taking this moment to dump the overflowing garbage can in the bathroom...gross I know..anyways....and I hear a AHHHHHHHH!!!! (girly scream)
So I go flyin in the bathroom as Hope comes flyin out of the shower BAWLING "I can't go in the shower (screamed very dramatically(
Me: Why not? What happened?
Hopie: There's a spider in there (in a half cry half scream)
Me: Oh man. (I'm peeking in the shower and see this spider, EWWWW)
Me: Daddy, help us. Help us now.
Daddy meanwhile is being a good hubby and doing dishes. So thinking a limb is falling off a child or something awful, shuts off the sink and comes down the hall saying :What's wrong,whats going on?
Me: You gotta kill the spider in the shower, eww gross.

I'm now walking to the BIG garbage can outside to dump the icky bathroom overflowing garbage and am followed by a much too curious 2 year old.
Mikey: Mama, mama, what happened? (said in a little boy voice, slightly airy)
Me: Oh, Daddy had to save Hopie and kill the spider in the shower.
Mikey: GASP! A spider? Ewww.
Me: I know.
Mikey: Daddy, what happened?
Jason: I had to kill one of God's creatures - mommy made me kill a spider!
Mikey: OH NO!

And we're still laughing.

Thank you Mikey for your never ending laughs!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm no country girl, that's for sure!

Ok, I'm going to post this because everyone I tell laughs so hard they start tearing up. It's funny but in all seriousness this actually happened as I will cut and paste the exact email I sent my mother who I KNEW would appreciate the reality of the following information.

Also, I need to preface this with the following. #1: I am a down right cheapskate. Not just frugal mind you, I'm cheap. I will use everything down to the last drop, and even skip buying things I need in order to not spend money. I would like to credit my mother with this ingrained sense of frugality/or cheaponess (I'm pretty sure that's not a word - yet - but it is now). #2 due to Mikey's 'anything related to a cow allergy' which entails no beef,gelatin,whey, or casein let alone full on dairy, we eat a lot of chicken, turkey, and he eats beef free hotdogs if I don't feel like avoiding beef.
All that to say this: I am ALWAYS looking for cheap ways to include meat in meals without spending large amounts of money. SO...... I heard about using whole fryer chickens, using a crock pot and shredding the meat for recipes. This sounded GREAT to me because a local store had them on sale. So last week I called Jason and asked him to pick up a few whole fryers so I could prep some meat and have it ready to use in dinners - nice idea right? I thought so. Ok soooo.... Jas being the dear he is bought 2 whole fryer chickens and I then realized, oh wait I really don't even know how to prep a chicken ,something I failed to take into account prior to the demand I mean request for the purchase of meat.
The following is the actual email sent to my mother after the um.... event? Is that the right word???

Ok so i found some great recipes that call for shredded chicken. and i've been waiting for a good deal on a whole chicken i can slow cook and shred the meat with right. ok so wrays has them on sale for .79/lb. not bad for a few different meal options. so i had jas pick up 2 whole chickens.
then i had to google how to clean and prep a whole chicken (since the idea or reality hasn't ever come to mind.....) so i read the directions:
1.wash hands with warm water and soap
2. remove gizzards from inside (save for gravy, um yea right this is ambitious enough for me)
3. skin chicken if desiring skinless meat
4. prep with salt and pepper and in this case i'm slow cookin it/her/him whatever it used to be..anyway so here's what happened:

step 1: i washed my hands!
step 2: for me was removing the wrapping it was in and here's where i almost puked
i SWEAR there was hair on it's butt. not jokin, and i lost it. i'm not stickin my hand in ANY part of a dead chicken.
step 3:call jason and BEG him to please come help me with the chicken, i just knew i was gonna puke.
step 4: NOT watch him as he tries to clean out the chicken and so generously informs me of all he's doing (blech)
step 5: drop the bird in the crock pot, add salt and pepper crank her up and write my mom and email!
hehehe. i'm such a city girl! the idea of yummy tender shredded chicken sounded great right, the reality of getting to the point where it's tender and yummy is almost more than i can take. i've still got the heebeegeebees

And so if it wasn't clear to anyone who knows me that I am NOT country material, here in lies your proof that I should NEVER be left to my own wiles to devise cheapo plans and then discover I have NO IDEA what I'm doing!!!!!

By the way, my mom, had the EXACT same experience like 30 years ago, except my dad said when she yanked the chicken out of the bag she held it up by it's legs and FREAKED out saying "I can't do this, it looks like a baby!" And so my dad officially became the chicken cleaner and prep man for that season of their life! - It runs in the family, should I warn my girls??


Thursday, October 8, 2009

O the crazy life I lead....

Well hello all those people that I'm sure have thought that I fell off the face of the earth! To my credit, I was without a computer for like 2 1/2 weeks and have been reading a lot, and started Bible Study Fellowship, and have 4 kids plus my nephew 5 days a week before and after school, and what else? Oh yea I also have this guy I'm married to, who likes me and we like to spend time together so our SACRED 8pm bedtime means Mommy and Daddy get to read in quiet, watch a movie together(which involves Jas finishing the movie and I'm usually passed out around 15 minutes in but whatever..man the first 15 minutes of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are great!!!)
So no, I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I've just not been bloggin' ya'll. No worries.

I do think it's time for a little update.
Faithie is in 2nd grade this year, YIKES, I'm old if I've got a 2nd grader! She is loving school, and has this amazing Christian teacher who is just fabulous. In fact, we got a call on our home phone the other night and it was her teacher saying she was looking at the sunset and thought of Faith because she had said in class she loves beautiful sunsets. So Faith hit the teacher jackpot to say the least. She is reading all the time and started Bible Study Fellowship with me, so she has homework she does each day and goes on Monday nights for her discussion and learning. What a great way for her and I to connect through scripture! Oh and my mom's doin BSF too, so 3 generations of crazy ladies are studying the same scripture, that is just beyond cool to me.
Hopie also hit the proverbial teacher jackpot and has really been enjoying school. Although about 2 weeks ago she came home and said she wants to be home schooled because all her friends are in different reading groups (lower levels than her, she is with 3 other kids in a high level for kinder reading) and has decided that they are having more fun and that's not fair so home school it is. I did remind her that our family feels like we need to be in the school to show people Jesus' love and to be a good influence so home school isn't an option for us, not to mention she wouldn't enjoy it I'm sure. She's WAY too social.. I'm not sure how that happened (yea right between Jas and I our kids will ALWAYS have the 'talks to much in class' note in their report cards I'm sure!)
Henok is doing really well. He is picking up English REALLY fast, talking in full sentences and really adjusting nicely to our family. Him and I did have a rough go, on my end not his but that is SOOOO much better now, it's nice to have it feel like he's always been around. He was walking around telling Mikey (who is by far his bestest friend in the whole wide world that he LOVES him too much) Medically he's messed up though. We've been to Seattle Children's Hospital once already and will go back again at the end of Oct for some dental work and probably scheduling him to be knocked out for that plus while he's out he'll have a total brain and spine MRI. Henok has a 63degree curvature in his spine, VERY severe scoliosis and also we found out possibly has some cranio-facial issues like his skull has already fused together which at 5 shouldn't have happened yet. So there may be a possible surgery to open his skull at some point to allow his brain to grow. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. He also has to be seen by an ENT and Optomologist to make sure that currently his brain isn't putting any pressure on his eyes. He has also had numerous blood draws and had to repeat a few because his levels were not right or something. Sorry I'm not dr so I couldn't tell ya what they're testing for! I'll tell ya what though, for all the crap he's gonna have to face physically he's got the best personality for the challenge. He could care less about blood draws or people pokin on him, he's Mr. life of the Party so as long as he's gettin attention, he's down for whatever!
Mikey, now here's a funny boy. His personality has just exploded the last few months, you wanna talk about funny. Oh my word. And I can't even explain it because it's all his facial expressions or the way he says a word! But here's a Mikey conversation with my mom...
Gram :Mikey can I hold you sweet boy?
Mikey : No!
Gram: Why not?
Mikey: Taus! (it would be cause be all c's sound like t's)
Anyway, more to come later!!!
Blessings to all,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok so summer is coming to a close, HALLELUJAH. A sense of normalcy is going to descend on this house in the next 2 weeks that I'm dyin for people. I am a creature of habit and routine. My day may look slightly disheveled but I have a flow to it and DO NOT like it disrupted. I like knowing what's coming next and that I can trust my handy dandy calendar to guide me through my week. That being said our summer has been anything but normal or routine and I'm just FREAKIN out. I have been quite a bear to live with these days which although I may be well aware of it, my attitude is the same...my poor family...anyway. We have done it all this summer (except the zoo but don't get me started) I led worship with da band at 2 summer camps with a week of "rest" (there is none with 4 BUSY kids by the way), my washer went out (and ringworm keeps creeping back so we've been on overload but I think, I actually think it's gone for good)I'm waiting for my parents old washer and dryer so we can maintain our minimum 4 loads a day to keep going. Went on vacay baby to Seaside OR, that's a whole nother post and maybe pictures if I can get blogger to download, came home and are now just trying to catch our breath! Yikes. I have made a command decision that we WILL not be this busy next year and I will try my hardest to maintain that - I feel bad like we haven't been home long enough to feel like we could get into a routine of life with 4 kids we've just been scrambling all summer long so this school year is a welcome relief. 2 kids in all day school (boohoo and woohoo all at the same time) and 2 little boys that will get some mommy time and some serious working on colors,numbers and letters. We'll see if we can learn these boys a thing or two! :).
Blessings to all and with luck I'll get the pics posted sometime in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Last 5 weeks....

Okey dokey, so I've been BUSY to say the least and haven't had time to post in a while. I am sorry for the delay but I have good reasons like....
ringworm outbreak, scabies outbreak on Henok the same week as ringworm appeared, a positive t.b. skin test on Henok even though he tested negative in Ethiopia...???....a chest xray to determine no t.b. in his lungs, Praise God, working, doing 7-9 loads of laundry a day to try and kill ringworm and scabies by cleaning all bedding-clothing-towels after every use and I'm beyond sick of all this cleaning BUT hallelujah we are done with all of it! I did however get a personal phone call from our Ped. to tell me he wants Henok in ASAP due to his severe scoliosis. So we'll start more dr. visits soon. Hooray!

On a lighter and less whiny note life is getting better and better. I can honestly say I'm beyond the self pity and the Why God did we do this, and tears in the bathroom over frustrations with all the transition and we're into a phase where I feel like Henok's always been here. In fact I have to keep telling myself when he does get a little freaked out "Oh yeah,it's only been a month.." That's how much things have changed. Praise God. His mercy's are new, and he heard the cries of my heart to see this little boy with eyes of love and tenderness. I have called out to God begging for attachment and a sense of bonding with Henok and I and again, God didn't disappoint. I pray every night over Henok and my heart. That I will remain soft and loving when I'm wanting to scream. And yes I still do scream, anybody who knows me knows that. I'm one step shy of a nuthouse some days but it's all good. We're feeling much more close and connected as a family and that is EXACTLY what I've wanted, hoped and prayed for!

Henok is doing GREAT. The other day Hope had daddy take off her training wheels and off she went like she'd been riding her bike without training wheels her whole life! So Henok immediately was like "Oh no she didn't! If she can I can!" So he started saying "off mommy, off off!" And other than the fact the poor kid is so darn short his legs don't touch the ground when he's on the bike (I feel his pain! It's the stinkin story of my life!) he's able to ride without his training wheels too! Mikey thinks he's able to do that but uh sorry bud if Henok's too short you don't have a prayer.

I hope to update with pics, I am soooo horrible at this but honestly we don't download to the computer that much and I'm pleading ignorance. I don't have the slightest idea how to do this and haven't much cared to learn yet so there ya go!

We are leaving town in a few hours for the river where will have his first boat and jet ski ride! Oh man, have I been waiting for this! He has NO CLUE how much fun it will be.

For all of you checking in, thanks for following our journey so far. We're doing well and if you live in Yak-town stop by and say Hi! Faithie is still acting like Henok is show and tell so she'd love to introduce you to him!!! (oh and much thanks to Gram Darla who has supplied "teacher" Faithie with her classroom materials to teach Henok english. - she has red pencils for grading and everything!)

Blessings to all,